DVA Consulting, LLC

Land Mobile Radio/Broadband Frequency and Interference Analysis

In 2015, DVA was engaged to perform an objective evaluation and analysis of technical proposal to reconfigure a large set of frequency holdings in order to allow the licensee to provide both narrowband voice service using Land Mobile Radio (LMR) technology and broadband data services using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology.  The evaluation also included an analysis of the potential for interference between the two technologies and recommendations to reduce the probability of that occurrence.

Land Mobile Radio Expert Witness

In 2016, DVA was engaged by a county attorney to serve as an expert witness in a case relating to a dispute over the implementation of a countywide public safety communications system.  DVA reviewed key documentation relating to the system specification; procurement process; vendor contract; acceptance test procedures; and system test and performance results and developed an objective analysis report citing specific inconsistencies and deficiencies with the design, procurement and implementation process.

Statewide Land Mobile Radio System Analysis

DVA is currently assisting in the review and improvement in the operational and maintenance procedures for a statewide LMR system.  The project also includes recommendations to prepare the organization to support new Public Safety services such as Broadband.

Public Safety Broadband Data Collection and Presentation;

During the FirstNet data collection process, DVA assisted this State with the compilation and analysis of Public Safety Broadband requirements from nearly 100 agencies throughout the State.  The information collected included Public Safety broadband data usage related to:

  • Number of Current Users;
  • Users Projections;
  • Applications;
  • Capacity;
  • Coverage Requirements;
  • The Use of Personal Devices;
  • Procurement Practices; and
  • Barriers to Adoption.

Public Safety Broadband Outreach; Education; Requirements;

As a subject matter expert, DVA is providing expertise and assistance to a Midwest state in support of their Public Safety Broadband planning activities.  A number of deliverable items have been developed to structure and guide the project, including:

  • Broadband Planning Strategy;
  • Broadband Outreach Plan;
  • Broadband Governance Assessment;
  • Broadband Planning Stakeholder Report;
  • Broadband Implementation Plan;